Helical Gear Set: The teeth that connect the sector gear and the spur gear are cut at an angle. This causes less stress on any one tooth because it has more teeth touching and spinning is not in an outward direction but into the gearbox. There is one exception to the helical gear set. You muct use a particular piston. The bevel gear has the teeth all the way around. The side of the gear that allows the piston to fire forward has one half the side of the teeth cut. So you have to use a piston that also has half the side of the teeth cut. The Helical Gear Set comes with the piston.

All Helical Gear Set: Has teeth cut at an angle on all of the gears. Also the bevel gear has the smooth side so it can be used with the original piston.

Flat Gear Set: Is cut with the original specs. These gears are made out of a denser metal and Teflon treated like the other gears.

High Speed Gear: Increases the rate of fire. Do not use a spring stiffer than M100. This gear also gives lower delay time between trigger pull and fire.

Standard Gear: Cut to original specs. Recommended to use a M120 or less due to the strain on the motor.

Torque Up Gear: Designed to be used with a M130 to M140 spring. All of the torque up gears will slow the rate of fire a little but reduce the strain on the motor caused by the gear. The greater the torque up the slower the rate of fire.

Super Torque Up: Designed to be used with a M140 to M150 spring.

Ultra Torque Up: Designed to be used with a M150 to M160 spring.

Infinite Torque Up: Designed to be used with a M160 to M200 spring.

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